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  • Limit of 2 trees per household.

  • 12 species available; Trees are selected specifically for Brighton's water demands and soil conditions.

  • Note: most pictures are of mature trees, not what is being sold.

  • Program is to encourage tree planting, species diversity and water conservation.

  • Trees must be planted within Brighton city limits. If you wish to plant your tree in the public right-of-way, please contact us below for further guidance and planting instruction.

  • Master Gardeners will be on site to answer any questions during tree pick-up.

  • Most trees are 20 pounds and are 5-7 feet tall.

  • Participants must make arrangements to pick up and plant their own trees and are responsible for all maintenance, pruning and watering.

  • If you are looking for larger trees, or other plant material, remember to support your local Brighton nurseries!

  • Due to wholesale pricing of these trees, NO warranty is available.

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