Glenleven Linden


Limit of 3 total trees per household

Tilia cordata


Linden trees (Tilia spp.) make attractive landscape plants due to several appealing traits, including low-maintenance requirements and cleanliness -- the trees don't generate much leaf or berry litter. Linden species are native to North America, but European cultivars are also used for public and home gardens. Plant lindens where they have room to grow and be patient; lindens don't have a fast growth rate.


Linden is a large tree at maturity, reaching 50 to 80 feet in height with a spread of 35 to 50 feet. Lindens are valued in for hardiness and adaptability to a variety of soils and environmental conditions, not to mention the visually appealing form. Cultivars are often planted as specimens or street trees and sometimes hedges.Growth HabitThe linden is pyramidal when young, maturing to an upright, symmetrical, oval canopy with a straight trunk. The lower branches dip toward the ground and then curve upward gently. Cultivars have slight variations in form; "Greenspire" (T. cordata "Greenspire") has a dense pyramid shape on a straight trunk and "Fastiagata" linden (T. americana "Fastiagata") has a narrow, pyramidal shape. Growth rate for lindens is medium; a linden tree gains about 13 to 24 inches a year in height.




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