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Skyline Honeylocust

Skyline Honeylocust


Payment must be made at the time order is placed, unpaid orders will be cancelled.


Please note these are BARE ROOT trees. Bare root tree roots are kept moist by a jelly-like substance during transport but should still be planted and watered as soon as possible after receiving your tree.


Honeylocusts are commonly planted as shade trees across the country. Their pinnately-compound leaf structure allows for unique filtered-shade compared to trees like oaks and maples. The Skyline variety is advantageous for front range cities owing to its improved tolerance to canker diseases compared to other varieties. Excellent drought tolerance once established.


Scientific Name: Gleditsia triacanthos inermis 'Skycole'

Fall Color: yellow

Flower Color:  insignificant

Foliage Color: green

Mature Height: 40-50'

Spread: 30'

Size Class: large

Growth Rate: moderate